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Interview with the Intern - Emily Rasmussen

Emily-R.png#asset:546:thumbnailThe Indianapolis Public Library Foundation is fortunate to have had Emily Rasmussen join us for the spring semester! She has brought her curiosity, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness to a variety of tasks related to the Eugene & Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Award. Read on for more about Emily and her experience.

1.    Tell readers a little about yourself.

I’m Emily Rasmussen, and I’m a sophomore studying Marketing and International Studies at IUPUI’s Kelley School of Business. I’m also minoring in English. I’ve worked at The Indianapolis Public Library as a page and a Summer Reading Program Clerk since I was a junior in high school. I would like to ultimately work in publishing or with books in some capacity. I talk about books (mainly Young Adult books) on my blog, Forever Literary (, and my podcast, A Novel Chat (currently on hiatus, but past episodes are available on most podcast platforms).

2.    What drew you to an internship with the Library Foundation’s Indiana Authors Award?

This internship was recommended to me by a former supervisor at the Library. I looked over the job functions for the internship and thought it would be an opportunity for me to learn about nonprofits as a business student and learn more about the literary culture and tradition in Indiana. I had enjoyed my time at the Library so thought this would be a great extension of that experience.

3.    What does a typical work day look like for you?

It’s varied from the beginning of the internship to now. When nominations were being accepted, I spent a large part of my day researching the nominated authors. In general, I check my email and look at my calendar each morning, respond to any emails that require a response and then focus on my top priority projects as well as make time for any other meetings like my daily check-in meetings with my supervisor, informational interviews or Development Team meetings which I’ve had a chance to contribute to.

4.    What has surprised you most about your internship experience?

I’m not sure that this was surprising, more new, but I’d never had a desk job or worked in an office environment before this internship. I had to learn the printer, mail merges, etc. I came in without many expectations, so there weren’t too many things that surprised me. A pleasant surprise has been realizing that authors whose books I’ve read and loved had connections to Indiana! I also was able to experience more aspects of the Foundation’s work than just the Indiana Authors Award, like fundraising asks, attending staff meetings, etc.

5.    What’s the best part about being an intern at the Library Foundation?

The Library Foundation team is wonderful to work with. It’s small and collaborative, and every team member stays on top of their work and is willing to step up and help when needed. Everyone here is dedicated to the common goal of bettering the Library.

6.    What has been your most memorable experience?

A big part of my internship has been researching the nominated authors. I’ve gotten to know so much more about Indiana authors and experience cool connection moments between works I’ve enjoyed and Indiana. I also enjoyed the panel process, particularly the second meeting where I watched some great literary minds discussing books by authors I’d researched and narrowing down the nominations.

7.    In three words, describe your internship:

Community-focused, enlightening, supportive

8.    How do you plan to use what you learned in your internship in school or the next part of your career?

I feel more tied to the literary landscape and culture of Indiana now. Wherever I end up, I think this internship will inspire me to think back on Indiana authors and champion their work. As a business student, I also learned more about how for-profits interact with non-profits and the role corporate social responsibility plays in marketing.

9.    What are your tips for interns to make the most of their experience?

Especially since this is a small office, take time to learn from everyone who works here. Put yourself out there as someone who’s willing to help out wherever needed. Reach out to those around you for informational interviews. It’s a great way to get to know people and learn more about how people help the Library in different roles and in different ways.

Interested in an internship with the Library Foundation? We are now accepting applications for an intern this fall.