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Board Bookshelf: Like this, Try that!

After nearly 10 years of celebrating homegrown Hoosier authors, the Eugene & Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Award has quite the list of Indiana writers to recommend! Now that summer reading is in full swing, we thought we would ask some members of The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation’s Board of Directors what’s on their bookshelf and suggest some Indiana Authors Award winners and finalists they might want to make room for.

1.       Jessica Barth, Counsel at Faegre Baker Daniels, is currently reading Martin Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens. She could try Wit’s End by 2016 National Author winner Karen Joy Fowler next.

While Wit’s End is a mystery novel that takes place in modern times (Santa Cruz in 2006, specifically), it shares the same eccentric characters, subversive humor and complex plot as Dickens’  Martin Chuzzlewit. Incidentally, they also both have a character named Martin!

Chuzzlewit.jpg#asset:554 Wit-End.jpg#asset:555

2.       Terri Jett, Associate Professor of Political Science and Special Assistant to the Provost for Diversity and Inclusivity at Butler University, has been sharing The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and Tyler Johnson Was Here by Jay Coles (an Indianapolis native!) with the teenagers in her life. She could also recommend How It Went Down by 2017 National Author winner Kekla Magoon.

Like The Hate U Give and Tyler Johnson Was Here, How It Went Down centers on a shooting of a young Black teen and the fall-out in the community. It’s similarly told from the perspective of a conflicted teen witness.

  Tyler.jpg#asset:557 how-it-went.jpg#asset:558

3.       Colette Irwin-Knott, Civic Volunteer, enjoys biographies on women in the public eye such as Kate Middleton and Barbara Bush. She might try Young Titan: The Making of Winston Churchill by 2014 National Author winner Michael Shelden.

While Young Titan centers on Winston Churchill, much of the biography focuses on his relationships with Violet Asquith and Clementine Churchill and their effect on shaping him into the leader he became.

kate.jpg#asset:559 winston_final.jpg#asset:572

4.       Philip List, Partner at SmithAmundsen, has a young son to whom he reads frequently. One of their favorites is One Love by Cedella Marley, based upon Bob Marley’s song of the same name. In his free time, Philip also enjoys books like The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. Philip and his son might like to check out Woodpecker Wham! by 2016 Genre Excellence Author winner April Pulley Sayre. Philip could try Firebreak by 2013 Emerging Author finalist Tricia Fields.

Like One Love, Woodpecker Wham! is a colorful picture book with sing-song lyrics meant for read-aloud.

one-love.jpg#asset:562 Woodpecker-Wham-cover.jpg#asset:308

The Devil in the White City is the horrifying true story of a 19th century serial killer in Chicago. Firebreak is a fictional crime story set in a modern-day border town, but it shares the suspense, level of detail and police procedural feel of Larson’s bestseller.

devil.jpg#asset:563 firebreak.jpg#asset:564

5.       Shelley Stewart, Executive Director of Global Health Care Strategy at Cummins, is reading Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff. She could read What You Are Now Enjoying by 2016 Emerging Author winner Sarah Gerkensmeyer next.

What You Are Now Enjoying is a collection of short stories but, like Fates and Furies, it focuses on the relationships between men and women and the different perspectives they have on the same situation. It’s a bit more fantastical and weird than Fates and Furies yet has a similar tone, lyrical prose and unreliable narrators.

 fates.jpg#asset:565  enjoying_final.jpg#asset:573